2 Photos & Videos


  1. Location Photos (linked also from bottom of home page): Street Map & Aerial Photos (Album 1) | Walking Path East Of Delaware Drive (Album 2)
  2. List of Senior Discounts (pdf format), Dec 2015, courtesy of resident Linda Beaton
  3. History of Meridian Manor – presented 3/6/2012 by longtime resident Mark Bigaouette
  4. New Residents Orientation – presented 3/6/2012 by longtime resident Mark Bigaouette
  5. Eliminate Your Monthly TV Bills in Meridian Manor By Using an Antennae and Digital Recorder


  6. 2017 Meridian Manor Revue:
    3/18/2017 Sat Evening Youtube video  |  Photos
    . . . . (3/17/2017 Fri Evening  Youtube video – this is almost the same as the Sat. video, minus photos minus background music — intended mainly for review by performers.)
  7. Feb 2016 Variety Show | Video  |  Photos
  8. 2015 Variety Show Photos  (some misc. video clips from the this show, are at the END of the album)


    Note: The more recent photos, are in the Meridian Manor Facebook group

  9. Dec 2014: Short video of the late resident Justin Campanella’s ‘Still Rockin’ Band’: vimeo.com/118381337
    Memorial websites:  Still Rockin Band |    WileEdj DJ Services
  10. 2013 Misc photos (hiking group)
  11. 2013 couples ballroom dance practice group: Photos | Website DanceLiteracy.com
  12. 2012 Misc Photos (Cerreta Candy Co. tour, Garden Railways tour, New Years Eve 2012)
  13. 2010 Photos – Flower & cactus photos taken around Meridian Manor, by Linda Fox and Roger Baillargeon
  14. 2004 Youtube video of ‘In Folk Motion’ Christmas Show at Meridian Manor (The ‘In Folk Motion’
    entertainment group was operated by previous residents Maureen and Hank Pettit.)
  15. 2003 Youtube video of ‘In Folk Motion’ USO Show at Meridian Manor
  16. Photos of In FolkMotion Group | Album 1 | Album 2
  17. A Meridian Manor garden railway in operation (May 2015):  vimeo.com/129323147


    Note that many residents have Facebook pages, which are not listed here (many can be found in the Facebook group).

  18.  Mark Bigaouette: Czech & Slovak Heritage Tours, CzechHeritage.com
  19. John & Linda Fox’s photos: s190.beta.photobucket.com/user/Lindafox543/library (click arrow on left, to show the albums)
  20. Keith George, Coldwell Banker real estate: Contact page, or  KeithGeorge.cbintouch.com
  21. Jim Ingram, personal page: JamesIngram.net | Previous Meridian Manor Info website (on Blogspot.com)
  22. Rita Stine, personal page: RitaStine.com | April 2014 Room Addition Progress Photos
    |Cruise Link1