Computer Repair

Here are several somewhat-close computer repair sources that we have heard about..

1. The Apple Exchange ( , Facebook TheAppleXchange ) in Tempe repairs Macs, iPads, and iPhones, and sells used ones.  They also have low cost Mac classes.

2. The Orchard in Mesa repairs Macs, iPads, and iPhones, and sells used ones.  My current MacBook Pro came from The Orchard.

3. The Santan Village Apple retail store in the Santan Village Mall is the nearest one to us.

4. Inside Meridian Manor:  Resident Dave B. (#204, aka ‘sredwudz’) will look at your computer and try to diagnose the problem at no charge. Dave says he can also look at Macs, as he used to own a Mac.

  • Note that Dave does not actually want to repair neighbors’ computers, but is volunteering just to investigate — to see if there is a relatively simple thing that the owner is overlooking.

5. Outside:  Marc Hallade is an outside repair person.  We got the following info from a member of the computer club at the nearby The Resort community:

At 7:13 PM -0700 11/17/14, ‘The Resort’ Computer Club member Dan Tuchenhagen wrote:

     Hi James,

Marc Hallade is our repair person.  He will come to your home or business.

Phone:  480-277-1313

He has been charging $40 an hour, and seldom needs more than that.  And he has helped several residents with more lengthy and serious problems and did not charge extra.  We highly recommend Marc.  He has done work for our computer club and many, many park residents.


6. SOS Computer (Serving Online Seniors) in Mesa is a small family-owned business that seems to get favorable reviews.

At 1:19 AM +0000 11/25/14, Meridian Manor resident Susan Houle wrote:

     I refer people to SOS; they are HONEST and FAST. , Facebook  MesaSOS

  •  480-218-4960, 7435 E Main, Suite 106, Mesa AZ (near Main and Sossaman) (Mon-Fri 9-5)