This page last modified 3/29/2021

  • This site you are viewing now, MeridianManor.info, is an UNofficial site (operated by a resident).

A.  Official MM Websites

  1. Public: MeridianManor.com  .
    The Meridian Manor community is located at 2101 So. Meridian Road, Apache Junction, AZ  85120-7204.
  2. Contact information for the OFFICE is on the official MeridianManor.com website’s  ‘Contact Us’  page.
  3. Private: Residents’ PRIVATE site (password required): MeridianManorHoa.NabrNetwork.com .

B.  Other MM Related Links

  1. Facebook Groups:
    You need to be a resident to join and view these groups
    #1:  facebook.com/groups/271864772937340
    #2:  facebook.com/groups/1517275278603202
  2. Line Dance: MeridianManor.net (or MeridianManorDance.wordpress.com) — The 2021 Meridian Manor line dance step sheets page.
  3. Promotional Video: Circa 2001 Great Western Homes Meridian Manor 4-minute-long sales video — youtu.be/NwhNFbcnK58

C.  Nearby Reference Websites

  1. Band and event schedule for American Legion Apache Post #27 at 1018 S. Meridian Road across from Meridian Manor: apachepost27az.org/site/eventscalendar.php
  2. Public Crime Map Online — RaidsOnline.com   (Type in  ‘2101 south meridian road, Apache Junction, AZ’ in address box at upper left, then click “Go to Address” button just below it.

D. Maps & Aerial Photos

  1. Street Map & Aerial Images — are in  Photo Album 1  (same contents as Tab 2 at top)
  2. Walking Path images –Delaware to San Marcos  — are in  Photo Album 2.
    Distance from Delaware to San Marcos, is 1.25 miles one-way.
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